Thursday, 7 August 2014

Green Sparkly Nail Tutorial

Ive recently been trying to stopped the terrible habit of bitting my nails! which has been a long tough struggle for me. I guess, I picked up the habit of bitting my nails from a young age and the habit has stuck with me. My progress of not bitting my nails has come pretty far, but, I still get annoying little urges to go back to my old ways of bitting my nails, the crave to do so hasn't over whelmed me yet! so, hopefully this will be the end to my nail bitting stage of my life! fingers crossed. 

This nail tutorial is going to be how to achieve green sparkly nails! 

This nail kit I have mentioned before in my previous blog post "Friday haul" Click On Here To See.. The nail kit is from "New Look".  I brought this nail kit out of curiosity, because, I felt like a change in nail style, instead of my normal one solid colour look. It only costs £3.99 (UK Pounds) So, I thought I'd give it a go! Below are the steps I took to get my green sparkly nails!!!

Firstly, I painted my nails in the solid colour provided by the nail kit, which was, the green colour. It took a couple of appliances to make the green colour show up on my nails, if you only paint one coat of this nail polish on your nails, it would come out pretty weak in the coloration.

Secondly, I dipped my nails into the glitter which came in the nail kit. Be cautious, the glitter gets everywhere!!! To stop the glitter from going all over the place, I laid down a piece of paper beneath where I was using the glitter, so, any execs glitter would fall onto the paper, which, I could later on empty into the bin.

The last step of this look is to go over the sparkly glitter with clear nail vanish to seal the glitter onto your nails, again, I put servile coats of clear nail vanish onto my nails, just to make sure no more glitter would come off! and Wola! Baboom! the look is finished! the picture you see above this text is the final look.

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