Monday, 22 September 2014

Oreo and Milk/Vanilla Ice-Cream

To make your oreo milkshake you need:

1) One glass or more for however many people you're making the milk-shake for.
2) One oreo pack
3) Cookie dough ice-cream or plain vanilla ice-cream 
4) one bottle of milk
5) one bowl for crushing the oreo's in
6) spoons for crushing the oreo and an extra spoon for getting the ice-cream out of the tub

The first step you need to do is put about half the package of oreos in the bowl 

Then start to crush them!

Keep crushing them!

Until they look around about the same size as they are in this picture! 

next add a few spoon falls of milk

And then next, add the cookie dough ice-cream

Now, you need to blend the oreo mixture a little bit!

I put in some ice cube's to make the milkshake a little cooler in temperature.

Then I crushed a little more oreo's, (about 4-5 or less) this time into bigger pieces to place on-top of the milkshake.

once you're happy that your milkshake is blended enough to your standers, you can start pouring it into the glass!

Try not to over fill the glass!

Next remember those bigger pieces of oreo's you crushed up earlier?

You can add them to the top of your milkshake!

Your milkshake should look a little like this!

And finally you can add some straws for decoration!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Yogurt and Honey Healthy snack option

A quick and easy healthy snack!

Step One

Things you need:

 Plain Yogurt
2 Spoons

Step Two

Pour some yogurt into your bowl.

Step Three

Then add some honey to the yogurt.

Step Four 

Mix around and enjoy eating! 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Poka-Dot Pastel Nail Tutorial

This post is another follow on to the nail tutorials I have been recently posting about. If you have been reading my past few blog posts, you will know about my bad habit of bitting my nails. I've only recently discovered that the crave for nail bitting goes away when my nails are painted and comes right back when there not painted, so, now I have to wear nail polish all the time! 

Tip: If you're going through the same habit of bitting your nails as I am, try and paint your nails and see if that stops the crave to bit them!

To achieve the look of poka-dot pastel nails you first of all, need to use two colours for an under coat, the first colour I used was a blue nail polish called "Uptown blue" super stay 7 days and is from the brand Maybelline

The second colour I used was a purple nail polish called "Surreal" super stay 7 days, again, this nail polish is from the brand Maybelline.

I painted each colour on alternative nails, so, the colour patten would goblue, purple and so on...

✮ The Purple nail polish is called "Surreal" ✮ The Blue nail polish is called "Uptown blue" 

Next, I painted the little pink dots on each nail, this can be done randomly and the dots can vary in size. I quite like the look of the dots varying in size instead of all looking the same size it gives a little edge and creativeness to the look. The nail polish colour I used was a pastel pink, I can't seem to find the brand name on the container, it must of rubbed off, but, I did find the same colour. Its another nail polish from the brand maybelline super stay 7 days.

Then I finished off the look with applying some clear shiny nail polish. I always finish off with a layer of clear nail polish for any look, I just like the look of shiny nails especially in the sun, when it glistens

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Bristol Balloon Festival!

If you live in or around Bristol, you'll know that the balloon festival was on!
So, I thought id check it out for myself.
If you have never been to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, next year you should go check it out, Its usually around the 7-10th of August. 

Below are some photos I took of the events that were going on at the balloon festival.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Late August Favourites

So Eco Brushes

I've already done a review on "So Eco Brushes" Click Here To See The "So Eco Brushes" Review.
I've been using "So Eco Brushes" For quite a long time now, I'm looking into getting more "So Eco Brushes" because, Its a fantastic make up brush brand and pretty cheap, also, the quality of the brushes are really good!

Click Here To See The "So Eco Brushes"

Dry shampoo XXL Volume

If you've been ready my blog for the past few blog post, I've only recently discovered dry shampoo. I brought the batiste dry shampoo "XXL Volume" just for a trial to see if it actually worked and it did! Even on my thick asian hair the "Bariste XXL Volume" does give a little volume boost, which, is much needed some days when my hair decides to lay flat on my head looking lifeless. I loved this dry shampoo so much I decided to go out and buy a couple more to keep me going a while.

Click Here To See The Batise XXL Volume dry shampoo

Dark & Deep Brown batiste dry shampoo

I also got the "Dark&Deep Brown" Batiste dry shampoo for darker hair. This has also worked very well in-between washes, however, because its for the darker brown shades of hair its got a hint of brown in the colour which does help it blend in better to my hair, but, once rubbed into the roots there is a slight brown residue on the tops of my fingers. That may not bother some of you, but, does bother me a little, so, I do prefer the "Batiste XXL Volume" 

Click Here To Find The Deep&Dark Brown Batiste Dry Shampoo

Fault in our stars film

A must see film! 
A heart wrenching story line, brought tears to my eyes!

Millie's Cookie Milk shake- Cookie- White Chocolate

I only recently I've discovered Millie's cookie milk shake's, After my first sip, I instantly fell in love with this cookie milkshake. Anytime I go out, wether its shopping or such, I always find a Millie's Cookie store and order the white chocolate cookie milk shake. Of course, theres loads of cookies to choose from, another favourite of mine is the chocolate brownie cookie milk shake.

Click Here To See The Shop "Millie's Cookies" Where I got My MilkShake From

Jack Wills Phone Case

Click On Here To See The Jack Wills WebSite

If you're prone to dropping your phone like I am you need a good sturdy case such as this Jack Wills phone case, I think its saved the back of my iPhone from cracking on several occasions. 

To Find The Jack Will's Phone Case Click On Here

Jack Wills Hoddie

This Hoddie is in my "Late August Favourites" because, I feel like everyone should have at least one fluffy and extremely comfortable jumper to wear, either if its around the house or out and about.

To See The Jack Wills Hoddie Please Click On Here
(I couldn't find the exact Jack Wills jumper thats in the picture, I found a similar hoddie, just with white writing saying 'Jack Wills')

Hollister Original Perfume

The "hollister" original perfume has to be my most favourite perfumes, I love the smell of hollister and the sent lasts a good amount of time after you've put the perfume on you.

To See The Hollister Original Perfume Please Click On Here

Hollister phone case

This is another great hard back phone case that I brought, I think the simplicity of the hollister writing and blue sky is complimenting each other and gives a nice simple look.

To See The Hollister Case Click On Here

(The shadow of the iPhone isn't suppose to be at the bottom of the phone case, thats just my photography skills for you, opps)


This month my favourite hair accessory has to be the bow. With the bow, you can place it into any hair style you wear, a cute and easy way to add a little extra to your everyday hair styles.

Click On Here To See The Accessorize Bows
Unfortunately, I can't find the exact bow pack that I brought, but, I did find very similar bows to the bows I purchased.

Pinkgrape fruit face wash

Ive mentioned this facial wash before in my "Friday Haul Post". After I brought this I used it every single morning and night and I can assure you that this face wash completely works and has cut down most of the lingering spots I had. Also, I love the smell of pink grapefruit products.

Click Here To See The Neutrogena Face Wash/Scrub