Saturday, 30 August 2014

A Quick Back To School Post

Ah, its come to the dreaded back to school adverts on the T.V and the beginning of either starting secondary school or going back to school is approaching rapidly.

If you're starting secondary school, I know it may be a daunting couple of few weeks at first, but, soon you'll get used to walking around to each of your different subject classes. Of course at first, you're going to get a little lost, but, teachers are always there to help you out, if you tell a teacher or anyone you're lost, I'm sure they will help you out!

For those of you just going back to school after a long well earned rest! You'll be probably be looking Ford to seeing who's in your classes this grade/year! For me its a different matter, If you live in the UK you probably know about GCSE'S. Year 10 is the year you get to finally drop all the subjects you hated learning about and do the subjects you enjoy doing!

Of course you still have to do the core subjects such as, Englsih, Maths, Science and all, but, you can pick 3 subjects to carry on with or some new subjects. I picked to do Psychology, photography and dance. Why I picked these subjects is an easy matter to talk about.

 First of all I'm very interested in psychology and after GCSE'S I wish to carry on further and study it at A levels. With photography, I've always loved taking photos, even at a young age! My parents use to buy me loads of those disposable cameras, most of the time I used the film up inside instantly, but, later on realised that I only had a certain amount of photos I could take on one camera and that made me think more closely about the objects I took photos of. Lastly, dance, I just generally like making up little dances, I used to want to be a dace choreographer, but, now, my sights are to be a counselling psychologist, thats another reason why Im taking up psychology. 

I later on got these two books, since, I'm going to be studying psychology and photography I thought I'd get a slight insight into what I may be learning about in the classes this year. 

 Click Here To See "The Psychology Book"  

 Click Here To See " A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book"   

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