Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Testing Out My New Nikon Camera And Comparing To The Iphone 5 Camera

Sorry i haven't posted a post on my blog for ages! I've just been involved with my school work recently, with going back and starting my GCSE'S and all. Of course I will try and post more regally, however, I'm behind in some course work and school work already! so, unfortunately my posts to my blog will be cutting down a little from three a week to maybe only one or so. I'm open to any blog posts requests, so, if you have any ideas on what I could post about, feel free to leave a little comment below. 

This blog post is going to be a little short and not very interesting, so, if you're not into photography, feel free to check back next week where ill be posting about something else!

Recently my dad brought me a new camera, because, I chose photography for one of my GCSE's. In this post I've been going around bristol and testing out my photography skills!

Pictures From An Iphone 5 Camera

(not edited, just a close up)
(A filter)

 Pictures From A Nikon Camera

(All the pictures from the Nikon camera have not been edited)

 (Excuse the tan and messy room!)

I'm pretty happy with some of the photos I took ... Especially the first photo, a close up of a flower, all photos I took were taken either on my iPhone 5 camera, or, a Nikon camera. These are all my own photos, I'm happy to let people use them for other purposes, however, It would be nice if you could send my a quick email letting me know you're going to use my photos :) my email is: