Monday, 11 August 2014

A Short Review On "So Eco Face Brush Kit"

I discovered "So Eco Brushes" out of the blue, literally.  I saw the packaging and it caught my eye so, I picked it up, had a quick look and I was already drawn in to buy it! Scince I do need some new make up brushes I thought I'd give "So Eco Brushes" a try. 

First of all, the whole look of the brushes looked formal and easy to use. The brushes are all recycled and the makeup brush handle is made out of the sustainable material bamboo. Also, if you're not very good at knowing which make up brush is used for what, at the very end of the brush its labelled with what the brush is meant to be used for, for example, the big fluffy brush (which I call it) has "blush brush" written on the front ,so, I know that its meant to be used to apply blusher to my face!

Also, in the box, the brushes came with a little travel case, which, I thought was a nice and neat idea. Its good if you're going on holiday and just generally a good idea to keep all your brushes together and not get lost, because, most of my brushes get lost and vanish some how!

Ive tested out these brushes for about a week now and I'm very happy with my purchase of these brushes. They are incredibly soft and the bristles from the brush head doesn't fall out easily! I would recommend "So Eco Brushes" to anyone starting out new to make-up and brushes. 

I would give "So Eco Brushes" 4 stars out of 5
Stars given to this product out of 5: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

What could of made this product even better would be, getting more brushes in one box, maybe 6 brushes instead of just 4

I found the "face Brush Kit" On Amazon and it costs only £9.60 at the moment!

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