Sunday, 20 July 2014

Grab it and put it into your bag

All these products I will be talking about in today's blog are small little everyday products that can easily fit into your bag.

This product is called a "Brilliance Powder" and is from the body shop. There are many mixed reviews about this product on the body shop web site. It's come to my attention that nearly all of the bad reviews said about this product is about the powder being too glittery. Which I agree and disagree on, the powder is very glittery, but, you can control the amount of glitter buy only dabbing a little bit on at a time and then rubbing it in to your skin. Tip: This glittery powder looks better on slightly tanned skin! 
The "Brilliance powder" costs £16 (UK Pounds)
The product doesn't look the same on the body shop website, the packaging has just changed, I assure you its still a shimmer powder. 

This ESTEE LAUDER blusher is amazing... I've had this for about 5 months and its still not run out! Its called "Witty Peach" and I guess, is kind of a peachy colour, its a light pinky colour blending into a darker pink colour. This blusher is great if you just want to touch up your rosiey cheeks. 
The "Witty Peach" blusher is a little on the expensive side it costs £27 for 7g and £38.57 for 10g.
You might have to click through the colours to find the "Witty Peach" colour

This lip gloss is absolutely gorgeous it comes out as a dark pink, which is subtle. What i love about this product is that its part lip gloss and part perfume. The perfume is a fresh rosy smell which is ideal if you're going out and want a nice hint of rose scent. 
Unfortunately, on the L'Occitane web site the "rose 4 Reines" Lip Gloss is out of stock, but, I found the exact same lip gloss on EBay Click On Here To See the "Rose 4 Reines Duo EAU de TOILETTE& GLOSS" On EBay the lip gloss is £14.50 on EBay

This eye shadow is called "Morphing eye shadow" its from an Italian brand called 'Wjcon'. I like this eye shadow ,because, it has a slight bronzy shimmer colour to it. I personally think this eye shadow is a summery colour more than a winter one, but, thats just my opinion.
The "Morphing eye shadow" costs 3,90 €

This is the first concealer I will be talking about on this blog post. 
This concealer is from the shop called 'boots', boots make there own brand of make-up called "17"(seventeen) I personally find this concealer harder to rub in and make less apparent to the rest of the face, however, this concealer is a good coverage if you do get darker circles under the eyes.

The 17 "Hide Away" concealer costs £4.49 

The second concealer I will be talking about is from the 'body shop'.  I honestly think that this concealer rubs in better to your skin, but, is still visible enough to cover up those dark circles you may have under your eyes.

The Body Shop "Lightening touch" concealer costs £14

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