Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Bath/Shower products I use

All these products above i have used recently and i absolutely love them!
Firstly, I would like to introduce you to the products i use every time when I have a bath. These are my three most favourite bath bubble items.

Personally, I prefer the pink bath bomb in the middle of the second picture (in the first picture it was wrapped up in the lush paper.) This bath bomb is called "The comforter" and is from the shop called "Lush" which I'm sure most people have heard of. I love this bath bomb ,because, it smells amazing, well, to me it does... i'm not quite sure how to describe the smell, but, according to past reviews on the Lush website, its suppose to smell like a sort of blackcurrant fragrance. I also would like to point out to you that you break off a little bit ,then, crumble it into your bath, I once made the mistake of just putting all of it into my bath and well... it sure was foamy! The comforter costs £4.50  To see "The Comforter" click on here

The first item on the right hand side is called "Bath Soak Rose Tea" I got given it for my birthday and only recently started using it. I find the scent of 'rose' very calming and relaxing ,which, is good if you've had a busy day or are doing exams and stressed out.  The "Bath Soak Rose Tea" costs about £12 (uk pounds) To see the "Bath Soak Rose Tea" click here  The glass jar is a different design, but, i still believe its the same smell.

The second item on the right hand side "Aromatic Foaming Bath" is a little more on the expensive side it costs £15, but, its worth it if you love products that smell of lavender. I personally am not a huge fan of lavender smelling products, however, i do use this bath product if its been raining and is cold, the smell of lavender just seems to warm me up, also, it spices things up a bit, but, the smell of lavender in this bath product is pretty overwhelming, so, i don't use it too often   To see "Aromatic Foaming Bath" click here

Secondly, i would like to introduce you to the products i use every time in the shower.

I use the "Soap&Glory" Face soap and Clarity, this is a good facial exfoliator wash ,because, its got little beads in the gel and it rubs off any dead skin you have on your face to make your face feel as soft as a babies bottom (an English expression! meaning very soft.) It also helps to reduce any annoying little spots you may have on your face and is a reasonable price which is £8. To find the "Soap&Glory" face soap and clarity face wash click here

Finally, these are the two most favourites of my body wash collection. The picture on the Left (top)  is another product from the shop "Lush" Which is called "sweetie Pie"and is a sort of jelly texture, but, when run under water, it foams up just a little bit. This body wash surprisingly has the same similar sort of smell to "The Comforter"(the bath bomb i wrote about above) This "Sweetie pie shower jelly" costs £6.75 To find "Sweetie Pie" shower jelly/ body wash please click here

The picture on the right (bottom) shows "Soap&Glory" body wash. I like this body wash ,because, you only need to use a little bit and that goes a long way , also, the smell of the body wash lasts quite a long time on your body after you've washed! And you get what you pay for, it comes in a big bottle and lasts quite a long time. it cost £6.50 

Lastly, I would like to share with you the "Sanctuary Covent Garden Hand wash" I genially just love this hand wash, it leaves your hands smelling lovely, but, this hand wash does have an acquired smell to it, which I like, however, others may not like the smell. This sanctuary hand wash costs about £4.25 which is a reasonable price. To see the "Sanctuary Covent Garden Hand Wash" click on here

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