Monday, 28 July 2014

Summer Nail Vanishes

Its summer time!!!

Okay, so, lets get started! 
The first four nail vanishes I will be writing about are sort of a light pink/red colours that are great for summer! since it's summer now...

The first nail polish on the left is from the brand "Natural Collection" and is called 'Oyster Pink'. This nail polish is a really light pink shade, which is great if you were looking for a natural looking nail polish. I do advise painting on a second layer of this nail polish though, because, the colour does come out pretty weak when first applied. 
Unfortunately I can't find the Natural Collection "OYSTER PINK" colour ,so,
All of the Natural collection nail polishes costs £1.89 (UK Pounds)

The second nail polish on the right is from 'Collection 2000' which I think I've mentioned before in one of my previous blog posts. The colour of the nail polish is called "fruit Salad" and it looks like a coral colour/pinky... to my eyes,but, it may be a different colour to your eyes! I personally think that this nail polish is a summer/autumn colour.
The Collection 2000 "fruit salad" nail polish price is £4.99

The red nail polish (at the TOP of the picture) is from a well known brand called 'Rimmel'. The colour is called "030 Double Decker Red" and shows up on my nails as a vibrant red. This nail polishes states that its long lasting, which, I don't entirely agree on, how ever, most nail polishes I use don't last long on my nails... so, i'll leave that up to you to decide on. 
The "030 Double Decker Red" costs £2.99 UK (Pounds)

The pink nail polish (at the Bottom of the picture) is from the brand name called 'colourpop'. The colour of the nail polish is a bright medium pink colour.
Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the 'Colourpop' website, how ever, I did find the same brand of nail polishes on eBay, feel free to check it out
On eBay there is a buy 2 get 2 free offer and it costs £3.99

This nail vanish is from 'Technic' and within technic, its from the category "party Brights".
This colour purple comes out pretty light, so, I usually put a second layer on.
2 Of the technic nail polishes costs £5.25

This nail polish is from the brand "Miss Sporty". The outcome of this colour on nails is a light mint colour, which, I like to put on my tootsies (for those of you who don't know what the word 'tootsies' means, its just another word for, toes!)
The "Miss Sporty" green nail polish costs £1.99

This clear nail polish is from the brand called "flormar". I personally use this as a top layer to give the under coat of colour a bit of shine to it!
I can't find the price of he flormar "SUPERSHINE". 

(This gold nail polish I got abroad and I can't seem to find the website)

At first, I wasn't to certain about this nail polish, because, I'm not too keen on having gold nails, but, I found that applying this gold nail varnish over an existing colour on your nails actually looks nice! In the pictures below, it shows what the out come of putting gold on top of a bold colour looks like.

(Any gold nail polish can be used to achieve this look)

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mascaras/ Eye Liners


It's all about mascaras and eye liners!

Now, I'm sure, nearly every girl has got their most favourite eye liners and mascara they use. In this blog post I will be talking about eye liners & mascaras I have been recently trying out/been using for quite a long time. 

These first two mascaras I have been using for about a month now and I absolutely love them both!
Before I go into great detail about them, they are both from the brand 'Maybelline'. Maybelline is a fantastic make-up brand/company that I have been loyal to for quite a long time now, there products just seem to last longer and actually do whats said on the written text on the product.

Now, lets get into a bit more information about these two mascaras. 

The Blue mascara is called "The Rocket Volum' Express". This mascara actually does give volume to your eye lashes, maybe its because, quite a lot of mascara comes out onto the brush causing your eyelashes to look more volumised, on the other hand, some times a bit too much mascara comes out onto the brush, if that happens all I do is, just wipe the mascara brush against the side of the tube to get ride of the excess mascara. 
The Rocket volum' Express costs $7.77 (USA dollar) prices may vary!

The Green mascara is called "The Mega Plush Volum' Express". This mascara is one of the best none-clump mascaras I have. Personally I think that once you apply this mascara your eye lashes spread out and look much more longer! which is good if you have short eye lashes like me... 
The Mega Plush Volum' Express costs $5.99 (USA dollar) prices may vary!


I've always been cautious with any type of waterproof mascara, I think my main fear is that once its on your eyelashes it'll take ages getting off, with you vigorously scrubbing at your eyes. Which is bad for anyone's eyes and especially if you've got sensitive eyes. So, i put this water proof mascara to the test! with a water fight!!! :D
From the amount of water everyone was throwing at each other, I think its safe to say that this mascara is water proof enough to with-stand a water fight! Later on in that day, after the water fight was over, I went back home to remove my make up with 'Simples' make up remover and the mascara came off pretty quickly.
This water proof mascara is from "SEVENTEEN" which is 'boots' own brand of make-up, It costs £4.69 (UK Pounds)
To Find The Water Proof 'Boots Mascara' SEVENTEEN Please Click On Here

Both of these eye liners in the picture is from the brand called "Collection"

The first eye liner on the left (black) Is a normal black eye liner, however, I do believe you can buy it in different colours, such as, brown, blue and so on... I like this eye liner because, its like a pencil, but then again, not a pencil eye liner, I generally find liquid eye liners easier to apply to the eye.
The "FAST STROKE COLLECTION" Eye Liner costs £2.50 (UK Pounds)

The second eye liner on the right (which is a blue colour). This eye liner again is black, but, does come in many varieties of colours. Yes, this eye liner is very water proof, I have tested this out during the water fight which I mentioned above. 
To See The Water Proof "FAST STROKE COLLECTION 2000" Click On Here
The Water Proof Eye Liner "FAST STROKE COLLECTION 200" Costs £2.50

The final Eye Liner I will be talking about on my blog is the Maybelline "HyperSharp Liner". I've been using this eye liner recently after my other eye liner ran out. I absolutely love it! I personally prefer this eye liner over the two eye liners above, because, with this eye liner you can go as thin as you want to as thick as you want, its a win, win situation

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Grab it and put it into your bag

All these products I will be talking about in today's blog are small little everyday products that can easily fit into your bag.

This product is called a "Brilliance Powder" and is from the body shop. There are many mixed reviews about this product on the body shop web site. It's come to my attention that nearly all of the bad reviews said about this product is about the powder being too glittery. Which I agree and disagree on, the powder is very glittery, but, you can control the amount of glitter buy only dabbing a little bit on at a time and then rubbing it in to your skin. Tip: This glittery powder looks better on slightly tanned skin! 
The "Brilliance powder" costs £16 (UK Pounds)
The product doesn't look the same on the body shop website, the packaging has just changed, I assure you its still a shimmer powder. 

This ESTEE LAUDER blusher is amazing... I've had this for about 5 months and its still not run out! Its called "Witty Peach" and I guess, is kind of a peachy colour, its a light pinky colour blending into a darker pink colour. This blusher is great if you just want to touch up your rosiey cheeks. 
The "Witty Peach" blusher is a little on the expensive side it costs £27 for 7g and £38.57 for 10g.
You might have to click through the colours to find the "Witty Peach" colour

This lip gloss is absolutely gorgeous it comes out as a dark pink, which is subtle. What i love about this product is that its part lip gloss and part perfume. The perfume is a fresh rosy smell which is ideal if you're going out and want a nice hint of rose scent. 
Unfortunately, on the L'Occitane web site the "rose 4 Reines" Lip Gloss is out of stock, but, I found the exact same lip gloss on EBay Click On Here To See the "Rose 4 Reines Duo EAU de TOILETTE& GLOSS" On EBay the lip gloss is £14.50 on EBay

This eye shadow is called "Morphing eye shadow" its from an Italian brand called 'Wjcon'. I like this eye shadow ,because, it has a slight bronzy shimmer colour to it. I personally think this eye shadow is a summery colour more than a winter one, but, thats just my opinion.
The "Morphing eye shadow" costs 3,90 €

This is the first concealer I will be talking about on this blog post. 
This concealer is from the shop called 'boots', boots make there own brand of make-up called "17"(seventeen) I personally find this concealer harder to rub in and make less apparent to the rest of the face, however, this concealer is a good coverage if you do get darker circles under the eyes.

The 17 "Hide Away" concealer costs £4.49 

The second concealer I will be talking about is from the 'body shop'.  I honestly think that this concealer rubs in better to your skin, but, is still visible enough to cover up those dark circles you may have under your eyes.

The Body Shop "Lightening touch" concealer costs £14

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Body Butter/ Hand Creams

This blog post is going to be about body butters and hand creams as you might of guessed from the title.

This body butter is from the body shop and is called the "Atlas Mountain Rose Body Butter" I like this body butter ,because, its got a slight scent of rose to it,which, is soothing to put onto your skin after you've had a bath/shower or just want to moisturise your skin. The rose scent lasts quite a long time on your skin which is a positive thing (If you like the smell of rose), however, a down side to this body butter is that its got quite a greasy feeling to it when applying it to your skin. I looked on the body shop website and it stated that the body butter does all the things that are listed below.  So, i put these statements to the test.
This body butter costs around £13.00 from the body shop(UK Pounds)  To See The "Atlas Mountain Rose Body-butter" Please Click On Here 

The next to body butters I will be writing about is, again, from the body shop.

The body butter to the left hand side of the picture is lightly coconut scented. In additional information this body butter it contains community Fair Trade virgin organic coconut oil and also, this product is against animal testing. The coconut body butter costs £13 for a 200ml tub it also comes in a smaller tub of 50ml which costs only £5

The other body butter to the right hand side of the picture is "Shea body butter" I wasn't quite sure how to explain the smell of this body butter, so, I looked up on the body shop website. The smell the body shop was trying to imply was a 'nutty smell'. Which i don't entirely agree on, but, then again, I can under stand how some one could interoperate it as a 'nutty smell', to me it smells like wood... but, a nice smelling wood. Maybe, my concept to how woods meant to smell like is different to yours, which it probably true... but, I guess it could smell like a woody smell/chestnut smell. 
The price of the Shea body butter is £13 for a 200ml tub,unfortunately, there isn't a smaller tub that consists of 50ml for the shea body butter...well, I can't find it on the body shop website,but,  if you manage to find the 50ml tub, please comment the link below on this blog. 

This body butter in the right picture (bottom) is called "Sanctuary". Sanctuary is a brand name that does many different bath/shower products including the hand cream you see in the left picture (top). Sanctuary has only one smell associated with there products ,because, nearly all products from sanctuary have the same smell,which, is described on the sanctuary website as, coco and shea, oil from macademia nuts and sweet almonds. Also, the body butter has the vitamin E in it.

The Sanctuary body butter's price is £10 (Uk Pounds)
The Sanctuary hand cream's price is £5.10

The Hand cream in the left (Top) side picture is called "Rose Sauvage" and yet again, from the body shop! This hand cream is a perfect size just to slip into your bag! On the body shop website it says  that this hand cream has "rosehip oil and provides much needed moisture to mature skin while helping to reduce the appearance of brown spots and it has SPF 15" 
In my experience the "Rose Sauvage" hand cream does provide enough moisture to your skin and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft. The "Rose Sauvage" 30ml hand cream costs £5 and the 100ml costs £11,

The Hand cream in the Right (Bottom) side picture is "Mandarin Tea" and again, its a perfect size to just slip into your bag! I got given this as a birthday present and only recently started using it, I find the smell increasingly pleasant the more I use it. This hand cream spreads easily and absorbs quickly if rubbed in properly and the scent defiantly smells of mandarins. The "Mandarin Tea hand cream" costs $9 (dollars American)  

The last hand cream i will be writing about in this blog post is the Soap&Glory 
"Hand Food".  I've always loved Soap&Glory products since day one... when i started buying them. Theres just something that makes me love Soap&Glory,maybe its the smell,or, just the way the packaging is simple and clear to read. The smell... I can't even comprehend what the smell is, so, I looked on the Soap&Glory website and its suppose to smell of "Scented with Original Pink fragrance". Which maybe, it does smell of 'scented original pink fragrance' I'm not too sure... I'll leave that for you to decide on.

The Soap&Glory "hand Food" costs £5

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Lippys I like

Todays blog post is going to be about the lippys I like/ lip scrub.

The first product I will be reviewing about is the "Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub". This product is basically like an exploiter for your lips, all you do is rub it onto your lips, then, lick it off and apply some lip balm after. It really couldn't get any easier and it leaves your lips really soft,because, it rubs off any dead skin you may have on your lips. The BubbleGum lip scrub costs £5.50 To find the "Lush BubbleGum Lip Scrub" click on here

I apply this lip balm called "Balmi" after I use the lush "BubbleGum Scrub" ,because, i just find this lip balm works the best at completing the softness feel to your lips. The Balmi costs £3.33 To See The "Balmi Lip Balm" Please Click On Here

Infront is another lush product called "It started with a kiss". This product is a red lip tint, once applied to your lips it shows up a pretty strong red colour. I personally, try avoiding putting too much on at a time. It started with a kiss lip tint costs £5.95 Click here to see "It started with a kiss lip tint" -Lush

Behind the lush lip tint 'It started with a kiss' is a lip balm called "Babylips cherry me". Babylips is from the brand 'Maybelline' which I have mentioned before in my previous blog. Maybelline do  many different viriaties of babylips,but, the 'cherry me' is my favourite. Because, although it looks astonishingly red looking in the colour, it doesn't come out on your lips that strong, its got a hint of redness to it whilst moisturising your lips. This Babylips costs around £2.99 Click On Here To See The Maybelline's "Babylips Cherry Me"

This LipGloss is from the brand "BOBBI BROWN" Its a kind of coral colour (mix between orange and pink?) and its called "Tangerine". The one reason why I love the brand BOBBI BROWN is ,because, they do loads of different varieties of shades and colours and I surely guarantee, that you'll find a shade that will match your skin tone and complexion and will look generally amazing on you. This BOBBI BROWN LipGloss costs around £25.71 (UK Pounds)To See "BOBBI BROWN TANGERINE" LipGloss Click On Here (You might have to click through the colours to find it)

 This lippy is called "Lasting Finish Colour Rush" when put onto your lips, it does turn out a pretty strong pinky colour, so, I wouldn't recommend putting too much on your lips at a time, but, if you put on a little bit, it does turn out a nice colour pink on lips. The "lasting Finish Colour Rush" costs £5.99 To Find The "Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm" Click On Here

I like this this "Revlon" lippy ,because, it doesn't come out too red and drastic, it comes out on your lips as a soft red, not too much of a bold and strong red. The Revlon lippy costs £7.99 To See The "Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain" Please Click On Here

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Bath/Shower products I use

All these products above i have used recently and i absolutely love them!
Firstly, I would like to introduce you to the products i use every time when I have a bath. These are my three most favourite bath bubble items.

Personally, I prefer the pink bath bomb in the middle of the second picture (in the first picture it was wrapped up in the lush paper.) This bath bomb is called "The comforter" and is from the shop called "Lush" which I'm sure most people have heard of. I love this bath bomb ,because, it smells amazing, well, to me it does... i'm not quite sure how to describe the smell, but, according to past reviews on the Lush website, its suppose to smell like a sort of blackcurrant fragrance. I also would like to point out to you that you break off a little bit ,then, crumble it into your bath, I once made the mistake of just putting all of it into my bath and well... it sure was foamy! The comforter costs £4.50  To see "The Comforter" click on here

The first item on the right hand side is called "Bath Soak Rose Tea" I got given it for my birthday and only recently started using it. I find the scent of 'rose' very calming and relaxing ,which, is good if you've had a busy day or are doing exams and stressed out.  The "Bath Soak Rose Tea" costs about £12 (uk pounds) To see the "Bath Soak Rose Tea" click here  The glass jar is a different design, but, i still believe its the same smell.

The second item on the right hand side "Aromatic Foaming Bath" is a little more on the expensive side it costs £15, but, its worth it if you love products that smell of lavender. I personally am not a huge fan of lavender smelling products, however, i do use this bath product if its been raining and is cold, the smell of lavender just seems to warm me up, also, it spices things up a bit, but, the smell of lavender in this bath product is pretty overwhelming, so, i don't use it too often   To see "Aromatic Foaming Bath" click here

Secondly, i would like to introduce you to the products i use every time in the shower.

I use the "Soap&Glory" Face soap and Clarity, this is a good facial exfoliator wash ,because, its got little beads in the gel and it rubs off any dead skin you have on your face to make your face feel as soft as a babies bottom (an English expression! meaning very soft.) It also helps to reduce any annoying little spots you may have on your face and is a reasonable price which is £8. To find the "Soap&Glory" face soap and clarity face wash click here

Finally, these are the two most favourites of my body wash collection. The picture on the Left (top)  is another product from the shop "Lush" Which is called "sweetie Pie"and is a sort of jelly texture, but, when run under water, it foams up just a little bit. This body wash surprisingly has the same similar sort of smell to "The Comforter"(the bath bomb i wrote about above) This "Sweetie pie shower jelly" costs £6.75 To find "Sweetie Pie" shower jelly/ body wash please click here

The picture on the right (bottom) shows "Soap&Glory" body wash. I like this body wash ,because, you only need to use a little bit and that goes a long way , also, the smell of the body wash lasts quite a long time on your body after you've washed! And you get what you pay for, it comes in a big bottle and lasts quite a long time. it cost £6.50 

Lastly, I would like to share with you the "Sanctuary Covent Garden Hand wash" I genially just love this hand wash, it leaves your hands smelling lovely, but, this hand wash does have an acquired smell to it, which I like, however, others may not like the smell. This sanctuary hand wash costs about £4.25 which is a reasonable price. To see the "Sanctuary Covent Garden Hand Wash" click on here

Saturday, 5 July 2014

July Favourites

July favourites

First of all i would like to introduce some body spray's, yes, we all use it well, hopfuly!... 
Most of the body sprays i use are from "hollister", as you can see, I'm slightly obsessed with hollister, but, theres one 
that isn't from "hollister" and its from the brand "Soap&Glory". The body spray i like the most is probably the second in from the left hand side.
Which is this one
I think this a great refreshing smell especially for the upcoming summer! Also, its not so over powering that you're chocking to death whilst spraying it over your body/clothes, but, on the other hand strong enough to be smelt when close enough.   
The "Soap&Glory" scent (first bottle on the right hand side of the picture) is quite similar to the hollister special addition scent (pink hollister bottle third in from the left) Its got a slight fruity smell to it! which is nice, however, can get a little sickening personally if worn too frequently.
The "Socal" hollister body spray (first on the left) Is the original smell of hollister! it smells exactly like the shop! (and if you haven't been in hollister before you should! it smells amazing, but, be aware, it is pretty dark in there!) Finally, the last of the body sprays for this julys blog is... Hollister once again... "Beacon's Beach" spray. Now, this is a hard smell to define and put into words, I guess, it kind of smells like lynx with a twist to it!

Secondly, i would like to introduce you to my favourite facial make-up products.

All these products I use on an every day bases and these products are great for sensitive skin! Because, i have sensitive skin, at first i was worried that i might be allergic to these products, but, luckily i wasn't! (but, please, if you do have sensitive skin ,or, are allergic to any make-up products, do a test patch of each product before using them on your face! now, i wouldn't want you looking like a puffy puffer fish!
I first of all use "rimmel's BB cream" which is a great first base for evening out your skin. Its a sort of cream, but, with a hint of colour to it! Its not too drastic like foundation can be. I would recommend this product to anyone who's new to make-up because, its light and doesn't show up too strong, also, it lasts quite along time, you only really need to use a pea size dot for each section of your face you're applying it to. This product costs around £6.99 (in the UK) To see Rimmels BB cream click here

Secondly, i apply "maybelline dream matte mousse" Which is a perfect top cover over the "Rimme's BB cream" I Believe it just gives a smooth finish look to your face. As you can tell, "maybelline dream matte mousse" is a mousse which at first, i was un sure about, however, now, I've grown to like it! I've only recently brought this product and I love it already! This product is a little more on the expensive side its price is £7.65 To see Maybellines dream matte mousse click here
This concealer I absolutely love. Another great product from "Rimmel" I would describe this product like a concealer ,but, shaped as a lip stick, its easy just to pop into your bag when going out. If you've had a bad night sleep ,or, just got black circles under your eyes just dab a little bit of this concealer under your eyes and rub in and those circles that were under your eyes are gone! This concealers price is £4.49 Click here to find the Rimmels concealer
To finish off your look just use some of "Rimmel's stay matte" powder where you feel the need to, you don't need to use the powder ,but, i prefer too, I use the "body shop" brush to apply the powder. You can buy the powder from this link: Click here to see the Rimmel stay matte powder I believe the price is around about £3.99
I brought a little set of brushes from the body shop it was about £13.50 you can find them at this link: To find body shop mini brushes please click on here