Monday, 28 July 2014

Summer Nail Vanishes

Its summer time!!!

Okay, so, lets get started! 
The first four nail vanishes I will be writing about are sort of a light pink/red colours that are great for summer! since it's summer now...

The first nail polish on the left is from the brand "Natural Collection" and is called 'Oyster Pink'. This nail polish is a really light pink shade, which is great if you were looking for a natural looking nail polish. I do advise painting on a second layer of this nail polish though, because, the colour does come out pretty weak when first applied. 
Unfortunately I can't find the Natural Collection "OYSTER PINK" colour ,so,
All of the Natural collection nail polishes costs £1.89 (UK Pounds)

The second nail polish on the right is from 'Collection 2000' which I think I've mentioned before in one of my previous blog posts. The colour of the nail polish is called "fruit Salad" and it looks like a coral colour/pinky... to my eyes,but, it may be a different colour to your eyes! I personally think that this nail polish is a summer/autumn colour.
The Collection 2000 "fruit salad" nail polish price is £4.99

The red nail polish (at the TOP of the picture) is from a well known brand called 'Rimmel'. The colour is called "030 Double Decker Red" and shows up on my nails as a vibrant red. This nail polishes states that its long lasting, which, I don't entirely agree on, how ever, most nail polishes I use don't last long on my nails... so, i'll leave that up to you to decide on. 
The "030 Double Decker Red" costs £2.99 UK (Pounds)

The pink nail polish (at the Bottom of the picture) is from the brand name called 'colourpop'. The colour of the nail polish is a bright medium pink colour.
Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the 'Colourpop' website, how ever, I did find the same brand of nail polishes on eBay, feel free to check it out
On eBay there is a buy 2 get 2 free offer and it costs £3.99

This nail vanish is from 'Technic' and within technic, its from the category "party Brights".
This colour purple comes out pretty light, so, I usually put a second layer on.
2 Of the technic nail polishes costs £5.25

This nail polish is from the brand "Miss Sporty". The outcome of this colour on nails is a light mint colour, which, I like to put on my tootsies (for those of you who don't know what the word 'tootsies' means, its just another word for, toes!)
The "Miss Sporty" green nail polish costs £1.99

This clear nail polish is from the brand called "flormar". I personally use this as a top layer to give the under coat of colour a bit of shine to it!
I can't find the price of he flormar "SUPERSHINE". 

(This gold nail polish I got abroad and I can't seem to find the website)

At first, I wasn't to certain about this nail polish, because, I'm not too keen on having gold nails, but, I found that applying this gold nail varnish over an existing colour on your nails actually looks nice! In the pictures below, it shows what the out come of putting gold on top of a bold colour looks like.

(Any gold nail polish can be used to achieve this look)

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