Friday, 22 August 2014

Boat trip!

Recently, my mum and dad decided to loan a boat and well... this is how it went

What I'm wearing today:

 My blogger top that I brought recently in my friday haul! Click here to see my friday haul post

✮ Top shop jeggings/skinny jeans 

✮ Tressme volume powder 

✮ Hollister orignal perfume 

✮ Rimmel lippy 

Waking up at 6am... well, I don't look the best :') a few quick selfies before i go...

Okay, now the selfies are out of the way, its time to get off onto the road!

Always check the weather before you go anywhere! Unless, you're a person who likes the rainy weather, which, I'm not really...

Ah, we are finally at the boat hire place! here is out boat we have on loan for a day...

Looks like Paddy has settled in well!

After a while we stopped at a little pub called "The Spring Inn".

This pub has a friendly atmosphere the staff are especially cheerful and chatty.

The food was very nice too, Its not like ordinary pub food, I think it does contribute that this pub is also a restaurant, but, if I was to rate there food out of 5 stars, I would rate the food 4 stars, although its not a 5 it still tastes amazing, I think Ive just got very high standards for my food. What they could maybe improve on is making the portions of food a little bigger, yes, it would probably feed me on a normal day, but, keep in mind I had just been sailing on a boat for some time... and well, that does bring up a huge appetite!

Well, Isn't that lucky?! The sun decided to come out right as I took this photo.

Paddy, why are you sticking out your tongue?

Yes, many people may say that  the "Calippo" is a 'kid' Ice lolly, but, it sure is refreshing! after a long day in the beaming sun, I think a ice cream is well earned!


A "frappucino" for the way back.

Looks like the bristol weather decided to brighten up! 

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