Monday, 22 September 2014

Oreo and Milk/Vanilla Ice-Cream

To make your oreo milkshake you need:

1) One glass or more for however many people you're making the milk-shake for.
2) One oreo pack
3) Cookie dough ice-cream or plain vanilla ice-cream 
4) one bottle of milk
5) one bowl for crushing the oreo's in
6) spoons for crushing the oreo and an extra spoon for getting the ice-cream out of the tub

The first step you need to do is put about half the package of oreos in the bowl 

Then start to crush them!

Keep crushing them!

Until they look around about the same size as they are in this picture! 

next add a few spoon falls of milk

And then next, add the cookie dough ice-cream

Now, you need to blend the oreo mixture a little bit!

I put in some ice cube's to make the milkshake a little cooler in temperature.

Then I crushed a little more oreo's, (about 4-5 or less) this time into bigger pieces to place on-top of the milkshake.

once you're happy that your milkshake is blended enough to your standers, you can start pouring it into the glass!

Try not to over fill the glass!

Next remember those bigger pieces of oreo's you crushed up earlier?

You can add them to the top of your milkshake!

Your milkshake should look a little like this!

And finally you can add some straws for decoration!

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