Friday, 12 September 2014

Poka-Dot Pastel Nail Tutorial

This post is another follow on to the nail tutorials I have been recently posting about. If you have been reading my past few blog posts, you will know about my bad habit of bitting my nails. I've only recently discovered that the crave for nail bitting goes away when my nails are painted and comes right back when there not painted, so, now I have to wear nail polish all the time! 

Tip: If you're going through the same habit of bitting your nails as I am, try and paint your nails and see if that stops the crave to bit them!

To achieve the look of poka-dot pastel nails you first of all, need to use two colours for an under coat, the first colour I used was a blue nail polish called "Uptown blue" super stay 7 days and is from the brand Maybelline

The second colour I used was a purple nail polish called "Surreal" super stay 7 days, again, this nail polish is from the brand Maybelline.

I painted each colour on alternative nails, so, the colour patten would goblue, purple and so on...

✮ The Purple nail polish is called "Surreal" ✮ The Blue nail polish is called "Uptown blue" 

Next, I painted the little pink dots on each nail, this can be done randomly and the dots can vary in size. I quite like the look of the dots varying in size instead of all looking the same size it gives a little edge and creativeness to the look. The nail polish colour I used was a pastel pink, I can't seem to find the brand name on the container, it must of rubbed off, but, I did find the same colour. Its another nail polish from the brand maybelline super stay 7 days.

Then I finished off the look with applying some clear shiny nail polish. I always finish off with a layer of clear nail polish for any look, I just like the look of shiny nails especially in the sun, when it glistens

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