Saturday, 12 July 2014

Lippys I like

Todays blog post is going to be about the lippys I like/ lip scrub.

The first product I will be reviewing about is the "Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub". This product is basically like an exploiter for your lips, all you do is rub it onto your lips, then, lick it off and apply some lip balm after. It really couldn't get any easier and it leaves your lips really soft,because, it rubs off any dead skin you may have on your lips. The BubbleGum lip scrub costs £5.50 To find the "Lush BubbleGum Lip Scrub" click on here

I apply this lip balm called "Balmi" after I use the lush "BubbleGum Scrub" ,because, i just find this lip balm works the best at completing the softness feel to your lips. The Balmi costs £3.33 To See The "Balmi Lip Balm" Please Click On Here

Infront is another lush product called "It started with a kiss". This product is a red lip tint, once applied to your lips it shows up a pretty strong red colour. I personally, try avoiding putting too much on at a time. It started with a kiss lip tint costs £5.95 Click here to see "It started with a kiss lip tint" -Lush

Behind the lush lip tint 'It started with a kiss' is a lip balm called "Babylips cherry me". Babylips is from the brand 'Maybelline' which I have mentioned before in my previous blog. Maybelline do  many different viriaties of babylips,but, the 'cherry me' is my favourite. Because, although it looks astonishingly red looking in the colour, it doesn't come out on your lips that strong, its got a hint of redness to it whilst moisturising your lips. This Babylips costs around £2.99 Click On Here To See The Maybelline's "Babylips Cherry Me"

This LipGloss is from the brand "BOBBI BROWN" Its a kind of coral colour (mix between orange and pink?) and its called "Tangerine". The one reason why I love the brand BOBBI BROWN is ,because, they do loads of different varieties of shades and colours and I surely guarantee, that you'll find a shade that will match your skin tone and complexion and will look generally amazing on you. This BOBBI BROWN LipGloss costs around £25.71 (UK Pounds)To See "BOBBI BROWN TANGERINE" LipGloss Click On Here (You might have to click through the colours to find it)

 This lippy is called "Lasting Finish Colour Rush" when put onto your lips, it does turn out a pretty strong pinky colour, so, I wouldn't recommend putting too much on your lips at a time, but, if you put on a little bit, it does turn out a nice colour pink on lips. The "lasting Finish Colour Rush" costs £5.99 To Find The "Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm" Click On Here

I like this this "Revlon" lippy ,because, it doesn't come out too red and drastic, it comes out on your lips as a soft red, not too much of a bold and strong red. The Revlon lippy costs £7.99 To See The "Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain" Please Click On Here


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