Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mascaras/ Eye Liners


It's all about mascaras and eye liners!

Now, I'm sure, nearly every girl has got their most favourite eye liners and mascara they use. In this blog post I will be talking about eye liners & mascaras I have been recently trying out/been using for quite a long time. 

These first two mascaras I have been using for about a month now and I absolutely love them both!
Before I go into great detail about them, they are both from the brand 'Maybelline'. Maybelline is a fantastic make-up brand/company that I have been loyal to for quite a long time now, there products just seem to last longer and actually do whats said on the written text on the product.

Now, lets get into a bit more information about these two mascaras. 

The Blue mascara is called "The Rocket Volum' Express". This mascara actually does give volume to your eye lashes, maybe its because, quite a lot of mascara comes out onto the brush causing your eyelashes to look more volumised, on the other hand, some times a bit too much mascara comes out onto the brush, if that happens all I do is, just wipe the mascara brush against the side of the tube to get ride of the excess mascara. 
The Rocket volum' Express costs $7.77 (USA dollar) prices may vary!

The Green mascara is called "The Mega Plush Volum' Express". This mascara is one of the best none-clump mascaras I have. Personally I think that once you apply this mascara your eye lashes spread out and look much more longer! which is good if you have short eye lashes like me... 
The Mega Plush Volum' Express costs $5.99 (USA dollar) prices may vary!


I've always been cautious with any type of waterproof mascara, I think my main fear is that once its on your eyelashes it'll take ages getting off, with you vigorously scrubbing at your eyes. Which is bad for anyone's eyes and especially if you've got sensitive eyes. So, i put this water proof mascara to the test! with a water fight!!! :D
From the amount of water everyone was throwing at each other, I think its safe to say that this mascara is water proof enough to with-stand a water fight! Later on in that day, after the water fight was over, I went back home to remove my make up with 'Simples' make up remover and the mascara came off pretty quickly.
This water proof mascara is from "SEVENTEEN" which is 'boots' own brand of make-up, It costs £4.69 (UK Pounds)
To Find The Water Proof 'Boots Mascara' SEVENTEEN Please Click On Here

Both of these eye liners in the picture is from the brand called "Collection"

The first eye liner on the left (black) Is a normal black eye liner, however, I do believe you can buy it in different colours, such as, brown, blue and so on... I like this eye liner because, its like a pencil, but then again, not a pencil eye liner, I generally find liquid eye liners easier to apply to the eye.
The "FAST STROKE COLLECTION" Eye Liner costs £2.50 (UK Pounds)

The second eye liner on the right (which is a blue colour). This eye liner again is black, but, does come in many varieties of colours. Yes, this eye liner is very water proof, I have tested this out during the water fight which I mentioned above. 
To See The Water Proof "FAST STROKE COLLECTION 2000" Click On Here
The Water Proof Eye Liner "FAST STROKE COLLECTION 200" Costs £2.50

The final Eye Liner I will be talking about on my blog is the Maybelline "HyperSharp Liner". I've been using this eye liner recently after my other eye liner ran out. I absolutely love it! I personally prefer this eye liner over the two eye liners above, because, with this eye liner you can go as thin as you want to as thick as you want, its a win, win situation

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